Bantam Bagels Business Analysis

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Starting with your day with a bagel and cream cheese is always a classic. Bagels an American all-time favorite, originally from Poland and were brought to the East Coast of United States of America by Jewish immigrants. Once in America, the doughy delicious food, spread across the country like a wild fire. Then, the Oleksak changed the very ordinary round, hole in the middle bagel and introduce Bagel Balls to the world. The bagel-ball began when the people of Bantam Bagels took their small apartment idea of making little balls of bagel stuffed and topped with sweets to Shark Tank in 2014. With their savory delights, they won over the heart of the investor Lori Greiner. Who help expanded their business from the East to the West coast, Starbucks,…show more content…
"We prepared. We understood our business and our numbers inside and out so that any question we were asked, we were prepared and ready to answer." Going in the couple knew which investor they wanted to work with and that was Lori Greiner. After malfunctioning mic and a long pitch, Nick and Elyse dream had come true. Lori had decided to invest in Bantam Bagel. With the deal of $275,000 investment and giving Lori 25 percent of company; Bantam would soon be a million-dollar bagel company to Bleecker Street. Bleecker Street running from the East side to the West side of the Manhattan Borough in Greenwich Village. Bantam Bagel would have to meet the harsh NYC critics on one of New York famous streets. The harsh bagel critics not only accepted the bagel balls, they loved them and wanted more. The Oleksak thought the bakery being opened to the public was a great start; they had a surprise. "We aired on 'Shark Tank ' in January 2015, and that was really the inflection point for us as a business. It 's like everyone says, there is the 'Shark Tank ' effect," says Nick. Immediate overloading the bakery with foot traffic, catering order; crashed after 15 minutes of the episode

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