Banyan Tree Pest Analysis

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1.o Introduction

This report will be examining the success behind Banyan Tree Holdings. It will display how the company’s vision, values, culture and operational strategies helped Banyan Tree Holdings become an international hospitality brand, using PESTLE and Porter’s 5 forces Analysis, it will display how the power of customers influences the growth of Banyan Tree Holdings and how competitive rivalry within the industry helps the company stay afloat.

2. Background of Banyan Tree Holdings
Banyan Tree Holdings is an international hospitality brand that manages and develops resorts, hotels and spas around the world. Ho Kwon Ping and Claire Chiang founded it in 1994, with its roots in Singapore. Listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange since 2006, Banyan Tree’s property sales came to $94.2million and EBITDA was $31.0million. While group revenue was S$370.7million as of the last annual report.
Banyan Tree Holdings has 4 brands. Firstly, Banyan Tree, an all villa concept which pioneered pool villas and tropical garden spa. Secondly, Angsana, which provides a range of recreational activities and suited for families and friends. Thirdly, Cassia a niche between apartment and hotel. It is an opportunity for a rising middle-class to buy affordable holiday homes which also works as an investment. Finally, Dhawa, is a new brand that will appeal to design-savvy visitors with the casual and contemporary full-service properties that fuse imaginative design. Banyan Tree Holdings has

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