The Crow Eaters Analysis

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Fictional texts written in English by South Asian writers have almost always acquainted the readers with the variety of existences and experiences of the peoples of different races, religions and classes of this vast region. But, this representation becomes all the more precious if the writing tells the story of a community that is a diminishing minority with its continual exercises of the extant religious and social customs and beliefs that are to be found nowhere in the world. This sort of representation exclusively demands an insider’s viewpoint and his/her deep insight into the culture of that community acquired by a lifetime of experience. Moreover, sometimes, depending on the subject of the representation, its mode of narrative acquires its value and ramifications. A text,…show more content…
Believe not in omens, portents, charms, talismans, lucky and unlucky days, and numbers. (95-6. Thus Spake Zarathushtra)”
Sidhwa notes the common practices among the
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The novel interests all the more because of its engaging insider’s perspective. Sidhwa brilliantly employs comedy as an age-old and efficient tool to uphold the humane follies and foibles of the people of her community. This humorous self-critical approach enlivens and vitalizes the narrative with a charm that was not possible without

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