Baptism In A Baptist Church

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Baptism Being involved in a Baptist church has made Baptism an estremely important ceremony to fulfill. The process of being baptized is very simple but its meaning is very powerful. This type of ceremony shows your comittment and dedication to God. It also allows you you change your ways of living and become "re-born". This ceremony symbolizes a new life to worship God and follow his ways. The process of baptism, at my church, begins with taking a class. This class teaches you about Baptism itself and why we must do it. The class lasts about one month. Throughout this month, we prepare ourselves for this life changing experience. We are given lessons and advice on how tpo overcome any obstacles that may interfere in our new life. Once the class is completed, the church gives us the date on which we will be baptized. On the day of the ceremony, we are given advice by several church members. The actual ceremony consists of being dipped into a tub full of water. This symbolizes the "cleansing of your sins" and becoming a new person. Afterwards, the church prays for our new journey in Christianity world. The process is very simple but it is a very important one to all Christians. Many other religions believe that baptism should be done in the early years of childhood. We believe that children dont know right from wrong at that age so they cant…show more content…
This ceremony allows me to express my dedication to God and to live my life like he would want me too. Being baptized is not only the most life changing experience in Christianity. but the meaning behind it allows me to remember why i chose to do it. I find it interesting how there are many religions who have similar type of ceremonies, and how they end up having the meanings in common. I believe that no matter what religion you are, we all have a specific ceremony that helps us be more connected to our religion. These ceremonies are very sentimental and important to
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