Baptist Beliefs

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In health care the Baptist, Mormon, Judaism faith have different beliefs and traditions on how to treat a patient. These religions are very diverse and have many different beliefs on the way of life. The origins, general beliefs, and traditions, will be only a few thing compared in this paper. Be prepared for facts about how each religion has had an impact on the healthcare world. Enjoy this paper on Religious Diversity.
Baptist(Christian)- The origin or the Baptist faith isn’t really determined or set on a specific time or area. Some people believe that it dates back all the way to Adam and Eve and say that Adam was the first Baptist. There are some people say that John the Baptist was the first Baptist his story is in The Bible. Some historical
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The General Beliefs- Like the Baptist they believe in baptism but they are different, they baptise at the age of 8. Also they believe that the infants be blessed by clergy as soon as possible after birth. When they die they want church elders to be present at the time of death. They have no last rites and autopsies and organ donations are a patient 's decision. When seeing a doctor or when at a mormon hospital they believe in divine healing “laying of the hands” by the church elders. Anointing with oil for healing is also another belief of theirs. They try to stay away from medicines with alcohol and caffeine.
Specific Traditions- The Mormons fast on every first Sunday of each month. Endowment(washing and cleansing of the body or baptism) is a big tradition used by the Mormon faith. Also they practice prayer in circles around an altar during Endowment and other ceremonies. Ordinance to higher offices of priesthood when someone passes away. They have a hard work ethic.
More Facts- The founder Joseph Smith was murders by people who thought this guy was a quack.Special undergarments are worn to show dedication to God and may not be removed unless necessary.After Smith died authority was passed to Brigham Young. Their is a Mormon college named after Young in Utah. The mormon “headquarters” is in Salt Lake City,Utah and can only be married in a Mormon

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