Barack Obama Inaugural Speech Summary

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Barack Obama took center stage on January 20Th 2009 to become one of the most powerful men in the nation. He was our nation’s 44th president, but our first African America president. Winning the election was a huge step for our nation in that has struggled with racism. He gave an honest and accurate inaugural speech by addressing the state that our nation is in, and it isn’t a good one. He used lots of talk about fear, emotion arousing words, and anaphora. In his inaugural president Obama was very persuasive and talked a lot about his goal to encourage people and to get America but to where it should be. Fear is very power it can cause people to do things could have never imaged doing, this why so many speakers or politics play on fear. President Obama stared out using lots of fear in the beginning of his speech. He talked about how we are at war and how weak our economy is. He even went as far and said “That we are in the midst of crisis is now well understood”. He talked about how people have lost their homes, jobs and how business where destroyed. He also said how health care is too expensive and are schools failing too many kids, all of these are talking about fear. I feel he used fear at the very beginning of his speech to try to get people to really understand how badly of shape our country is truly in. I feel this is a really good device to use because you have all of these bad things that are happening that people knew about but never really thought about. So he has
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