Barack Obama Inauguration Speech

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This mini project paper analyses the approaches used by the President Barack Obama in his inauguration speech which he delivered on 21ST January 2013. The study focus solely on the approaches used by Barack Obama to deliver his ideology as the President of the United States of America to get the public to be acquainted with his administration agenda moving forward to strengthen the democrats in the inauguration speech rhetorically. The discourse analysis was carried out based on the video recording of the inauguration speech delivered by President Barack Obama in 2013 which was then uploaded in YouTube and the findings of this research will be presented in textual analysis along with review of related studies.
Keywords: Discourse analysis, Barack Obama, Inauguration speech, Rhetoric, Democrats
1.0 Introduction
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The rhetoric style of this can be compare to a preacher where it begins slowly and gradually acknowledging the audiences to whom he or she was speaking to. This is basically what the President did at the beginning of the speech where he starts slowly and gradually acknowledging the audiences which consists of vice president, chief justice, members of the congress and lastly the fellow citizens. Through this, Barack Obama demonstrated that he fully respect the political administration offices and at the same time make it crystal clear that he is part of the citizen as well. The rhetorical presidency has embedded itself in American politics and does not seem to be going anywhere soon. Thus it is crucial to understand the influence of presidential rhetoric. Bimes (2009) also characterizes this by stating that “[p]residential rhetoric can make certain identities and self-conceptions of citizens more prominent and can shape how citizens understand the issues facing the county and the role of the presidency in the political
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