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President Obama speech analysis

Barack Obamas speech target audience are the German citizens first, however he refers to American and other European citizens as well. This speech has a few purposes, for example he informs people that democracy is wonderful and Obama said that working together, is very important for both countries for the economic, security and political reasons as well as trying to persuade people to pay attention to climate change.

Barack Obama used a balanced phrase regarding Chancellor Angela Merkel “ from a child of the east to the leader of free and untitled Germany” which is saying that when Angel Merkel grew up, she was in the eastern part of Berlin, which was not united and a dictatorship but she went a long way
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He wanted to show that American is very powerful and won the communism because he described the opposites of communism. Obama basically said the west won the east in Berlin so Germany should stick to USA rather than the East. Barack Obama said “we are not citizens of America or Germany- we are also citizens of the world” he used a personal pronoun and made the audience think of a bigger picture of the world. Barack mentioned “our alliance is the foundation of global security. Our trade and our commerce is the engine of our global economy. Our values called upon us to care about the lives of people we will never meet” he repeated the personal pronouns ‘we’ and ‘our’ and not ‘your’ or ‘mine’ to show that are inseparable. He also said “we do things that no other nation can do, no other nations will do “I don 't think Obama is speaking only about Germany and USA but their allies as well. He also said that they can do things that no other nation can do which is of course an over exaggeration and is aimed at the patriotism of these countries. He also mentioned injustice regarding race, religion, gender and sexual orientation, which is aimed at people who were or are being oppressed about these factors. He also mentions that America and Germany respect the faiths of other people and this was targeted at religious people. Obama also said that he doesn
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