Barack Obama's Characteristics, Behaviors And Leadership

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BUT HERE ARE FOUR MORE LEADERS WHICH ALSO INFLUENCED HIM : Obama said “ I cannot fully imagine my own life without the example that Nelson Mandela set.” This shows that there were many great leaders who inspired him too much and this inspiration step him here in White house.
 Describe the leader’s traits, behaviours and leadership style(s); provide researched evidence to support – show how they approach and handle different situations.
(president barack obama, n.d.)A good leader will be like a good friend to his teammates. his support and help will always inspires them and it will help them to do their level best. The trait leadership focuses on the leader and the traits leader exhibits. These types of traits make leaders more
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A charismatic approach is transformational if it invokes a permanent change in the people who embrace the leader's vision. A charismatic leader has an uncanny strength to draw others to their side and move them to accomplish a cause bigger than themselves.. During the first term, President Obama wooed at least some to his vision by showing the potential to make a huge difference in both domestic and foreign affairs. During the second term, Obama changed to more aloof and demonstrated less ability to draw others to his agenda. Some even feel that he has not lived up to full expectations. Obama indeed checked many items off his presidential bucket list, regardless if some liked what he did and others he did not. (tough nickel,…show more content…
(Task Que, 2017) Taking Risks: Mostly all people do not want to take risks when the thing about their life or profession. They want safety in these things, that’s why most of all people who are successful they took risk in their life. In his book the “The Audacity of Hope” Obama mentioned that he took a big risk to become a president .He always say to people about taking risk
IV. (Task Que, 2017) Turning Endings into New Beginnings: The example of a good leader is that he never satisfied with their own work. He always look to achieve more and more for the benefit of their followers and society. He always complete the project and begin a new project. If we listen his speeches, he often say “lets back to work”. He use the public positivity to start a new project.
V. (Task Que, 2017) We-not-I Attitude: Obama delivered his speech by using “We” rather “I”. It is good way to engage people. It make people feel to be part of conversation and make a believe that they contribute in the work. When someone say that we done it together, the listeners feel that they did work in project even they did not involve in any work. It is a quality of a good leader to involve everyone into project and give the credit to all of
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