Barack Obama's Inauguration Speech

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Discourse analysis on Barack Obama’s 2013 Inauguration Speech
Han Song Jin 1001438985
This mini project paper analyses the approaches used by the President Barack Obama in his inauguration speech which he delivered on 21ST January 2013. The study focus solely on the approaches used by Barack Obama to deliver his ideology as the President of the United States of America to get the public to be acquainted with his administration agenda moving forward to strengthen the democrats in the inauguration speech rhetorically. The discourse analysis was carried out based on the video recording of the inauguration speech delivered by President Barack Obama in 2013 which was then uploaded in YouTube and the findings of this research will be presented in textual analysis along with review of related studies.
Keywords: Discourse analysis, Barack Obama, Inauguration speech, Rhetoric, Democrats
1.0 Introduction
Discourse analysis is a term used to analyse the language beyond its literal meaning, which analyses the approach of the language being used to convey the message which may contains an idea, ideology and etc. whether in speech or text. In this study, language is a very important carrier that conveys the speaker’s emotions and intentions. People use different ways of speaking to achieve a powerful effect especially for a politician as the message being conveys in the speeches have been noted to rally and even garner the supports from the public. In Barack Obama’s 2013
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