Barack Obama's The Audacity Of Hope

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Barack Obama is the current president of the United States. He is a Harvard Law grad, a former senator, and even an author. He has written two novels, the first being
Dreams from my Father and the second being The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on
Reclaiming the American Dream, both of which are New York Times bestsellers. I,
Justin Short, have read The Audacity of Hope, and I wish to share my opinions about it.
Overall, Barack Obama has done an excellent job in using his personal endeavors as a mean of telling his readers a story while sharing is views towards his country. Obama tells the story though his own eyes and shows that he is human just like everyone else.
In this book, Barack Obama uses his gained experience and views on life to summarize
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I can agree with Obama when he says that education is the heart of this country. Taking responsibility and pursuing a career is the way to make
Short 6 it in this country, but Obama feels that “American schools are not holding up their bargain” in regards to competition globally (159). He wants this country to be the best it can be just like many people do in the same respect. Education is important to me, and
I know it has to be important to many others in the world. By showing these concerns in this book, Barack won me over with The Audacity of Hope. I cannot help but see the concern Obama shows for his people, and it makes me proud to know that someone like him is invested in the country.
Overall, I would recommend The Audacity of Hope to anyone. While Obama is a liberal politician, his viewpoints are very unbiased and fair. He clearly wants the best for the country and its people as shown in the evidence of his writing. I enjoyed this book because it relates to the world we all live in. This world is one of competition in education, careers, beliefs, and values, and Obama addresses most of these
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