Barb Case Study

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Notes for Barbs meeting:
1. Barb needs to stay in her apartment. There is no reason to think otherwise.

2. In regards to who needs to make executive decisions regarding her care if she is unable to, it will be decided ultimately by Holly and Tracy collectively. Input by other family members is appreciated but they have the final word.

3. In regards to Barbs finances, I highly recommend that an account be set up that is for paying her monthly obligations online set up automatically. I also believe that this same account should require two signatures for check writing if the checks are larger and 100.00. There can be three authorized people, Barb, Holly, or Georgia however only two must sign.

4. Holly and Tracy agree that to insure Barbs safety and health, a companion company such as “Visiting Angels” be employed. They provide consistency and assure her medications are taken, she is showered, meals are made etc. they will also report abnormalities to the contact people on the list should her medications seem to fail. This company has a great reputation and requires no contracts. They charge 22.00 per hour with a 3-hour minimum. Determining what the best time of day for her is important. It appeared that her hardest times were in the evenings. How
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It needs to be determined, that Barb may just need some guidance and assurance that people are there to help her. “Key word being help” Between the use of a service such as Visiting Angels, 3-4 times a week and other simple visits by family to check in on her should be more than enough providing she is taking her medications. Once her medications are therapeutic and continuously monitored, there should be no reason she will not be able to function on her own. Much, if not all of her outcome will be based on her willingness to be mentally and physically better. I do believe beyond any doubt, she needs to be open to counseling. If she simply goes through the motions to make others happy, it will be
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