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Barb is a transformational leader. This has been very effective among our team. Managing people with higher education can be very tricky at times and undoubtedly intimidating. Barb has the ability to “motivate and inspire followers and to direct positive changes” (Cherry, 2006), within our group. She strives on a daily basis to encourage and enthuse her team which empowers us to make constructive changes in our group.
Objectives. As a nurse leader Barb: “Studies and create new ideas, make decisions, assign appropriate responsibilities, creates an environment of trust which results in freedom, takes risks, is reliable, is loyal to followers, has self-confidence and assumes the leadership position” (The Nature of Leadership: Distinguishing Leadership
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I was able to increase the benefit of task management but still struggled to maintain the efficiency that comes along with that due to losing a case manager and taking on the entire case load myself. Understanding different perspectives has always come easy to me, however, learning to quite myself when my integrity is challenged because of someone else’s perspective was a definite challenge to me. I felt that the objective of learning what effective leadership can accomplish was the one that was successful. After shadowing Barb, I learned effective communication techniques, how to inspire the staff with vision and drive and how to have integrity in the midst of turmoil. Applying this practicum to becoming a baccalaureate-prepared nurse will come in time. Being a leader is a learned skill not a given role. In my opinion, it takes time to become a successful leader. First thing that is needed is sufficient time to hone skills that are needed to become a great nurse leader. That is my plan, leadership is in my future but for now my best bet is to continue to learn. This experience has been a positive one for me. Learning how to become an effective leaders encompasses a lot more than I originally thought. To be great leader one needs vision, drive, tenacity, understanding, negotiating skills, and the integrity to not let their head get to big. Barb has taught me all of these things and so much more. I am blessed because of

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