Barbara Ehrenreich's Class Matters

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Ehrenreich, B. (2016). Class Matters. Anglican Theological Review, 98(1), 15-21. This article, written by a highly-respected author, effectively discusses topics that I will be utilizing for the problem and solution sections of my final paper. For the solution section, Ehrenreich reports that “we should just stop the meanness, the relentless persecution of people who are already having a hard time.” In her article, Barbara Ehrenreich discusses the relevance of an argument she made a couple of years back in a book called Nickel and Dimed regarding the unfair conditions poor people often face. Essentially, an extreme number of Americans are paid less than what they can live on. Ehrenreich advocates for the creation of opportunities to allow poor people to get back on their feet and live a…show more content…
The article informs that in 1953 the federal government reported an official poverty rate, this was the first time this was done. Gallaway’s article essentially describes the war on poverty. Gallaway argues that the war on poverty, unintentionally, creates slow economic growth, greater income inequality, and high poverty rates. The author broadly examines poverty and economic growth and as a result, it is concluded that those who are below the poverty line are no longer impacted by any economic growth. In 2010, 15.75 million of America’s 70 million children were classified as living in poverty. Countries have attempted to end poverty for many years now but it seems that the numbers continue to increase. Some people blame the government while others blame the individual for their own situation. The article also addresses public attitudes towards welfare recipients which tends to be negative. Many think that the welfare system is only hurting the American economy. Therefore, many African American women are oppressed for receiving food stamps, but when compared to a disabled person the treatment is
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