Barbara Epstein Analysis

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Based on the selections by Epstein and O 'Beirne, for the next elected president to be a woman, what would you recommend for a feminist platform that would have the greatest chance of success with American voters? Barbara Epstein’s viewpoint is that the feminist movement has been successful and has benefited society by the advances in opportunities compared to 30 years ago because of the women’s movements. In addition, “issues such as childcare, violence against women, and reproductive rights have been placed on the public agenda as legitimate issues compared to the political agenda of the 1950s through the 1960s” (Finsterbusch, 2013, p.144). Epstein feels that “the wind has gone out of the sails, not only for the women’s movement but also out of the progressive movement as a whole” because feminism has been become more of an idea then a movement like it used to…show more content…
“On the one hand there was liberal feminism; on the other hand, there was women’s liberation. People also sometimes talked about that wing as comprised of radical feminism and socialist feminism, with radical feminists regarding women’s oppression as the root of all oppression and socialist feminism placing women’s oppression within the other context of other forms of oppression, particularly race and class” (Finsterbusch, 2013, p.147). Epstein goes on to suggest that the women’s movement currently has narrowed its politics and as the women’s movement has aged it has become vulnerable to absorbing the current trends within its own class and as a result this has led to the movement not taking center stage. Epstein concludes that we need to “return to a sort of revised version of radical feminism and place feminism within the demand of an egalitarian society and a demand for a society that respects human connection and communities and promotes them rather than destroying them” (Finsterbusch, 2013,
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