Barbara Huttmann Analysis

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Lately, we have experienced a lot of situations as Mac and Huttmann situation. This problem is really controversial and, of course, everyone can relate to it. Barbara Huttmann is trying to show the audience that she is innocent by illustrating her struggle with Mac. Huttmann argues in this essay that the person should have the right to choose to live or die, only if they are suffering from a fatal illness. Huttmann illustrates her experiences with Mac in order to justify her act and convince people that mercy killing should be legal and she uses her compassionate tone and her vivid imagery to prove it.

The essay starts with the harassing shouts of one of the audience of the Phil Donahue show, the member was shouting, “Murderer”
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Huttmann (2004) stated, “until there is legislation making it a criminal act to code a patient who has requested the right to die, we will all risk the same fate as Mac” (p.345). In that example Huttmann is trying to put the people in the same situation as Mac, basically she is asking the audience do they want to suffer like Mac or to rest in peace like what she did for Mac. This problem is controversial and it need to be stopped, because a lot of people have been suffering like Mac and they should have the choice to live or die. Huttmann stated in her essay that the doctors are trying to act “God” because they took away the ability to die as we please. (Barbara Huttmann ,2004). Honestly, every person should have the right to choose to live or die if they had a fatal illness like Mac, because everyone will be in the exact same place as Mac, the patients will be really tired of delaying the inventible. Because sometimes medical technology can’t fix a problem. And the doctors are only delaying death which leaves out the patient suffering and that is really unfair. What really supports Huttmann’s essay from the audience perspective is that she is credible because she works in a hospital as a nurse and that makes her essay
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