Barbara Johns Imagine This Was Your School Analysis

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How important is it for a person to stand up for what he or she believes in? Barbara Johns had a lot of courage to plan a protest against segregation. Courage is the bravery to do something even if it frightens one. “Imagine This Was Your School”, a article by Teri Kanefield, contains all of the courage and bravery Barbara had to earn equality in schools. Kanefield gives evidence of the disrespect Barbara and the other students faced since they were black. Similarly, Irene Lathom illustrates how daring Barbara is in her poem “Barbara Johns Reaches For The Moon” ADD SOMETHING HERE. Even though, the fear that Barbara Johns had stayed with her, she still protested to earn equality as seen in “Imagine This Was Your School”. The most daring Johns decided to start a peaceful protest with the students at Moton High. The article states, “The entire school walked in a peaceful protest” (P.17). Next, “Barbara’s family home was burned to the ground’’ (P.18), because of the hate people had on her. The teenage girl still fought for what she knew was right with courage. Finally, the students daringly demanded desegregation. To Barbara doing that felt like “reaching for the moon” (P.18). With hard work and determination she achieved what she thought…show more content…
Teri Kanefield’s article “Imagine This Was Your School” illustrates the bravery and courage had trying to stand up for what is right. In a similar way, the poem “Barbara Johns Reaches For The Moon” by Irene Lathom provides details of how all students at Moton High, and Johns fought with strength and fearlessness for equality. The hard work paid off when all blacks and whites could go to the same school together. Courage and valor are shown by Barbara Johns in both works of literature. Imagine what a world it would be like if everyone had the courage to stand up for what is
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