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The Governmental Legend of the South “What the people want is very simple they want an America as good its promised. “Barbara’s parents were Arlyne and Benjamin she had two older sisters, Bernie and Rose Mary. Barbara was born on February 21, 1936.Barabra was a critized by her parents by not speaking correct English. They urged her to become a music director or a teacher, because they said that was only good for a black women at the time. Her sister did become a music teacher. Barbara Jordan, who is an expert in medicine, however, explained later that she thought about being pharmacist, a scientist. Barbara Jordan remains a remarkable inspiration to America and the world. She left a vision of America as a nation that stands for children, for justice and for freedom. The nation began to come together as one. Barbara Jordan was never legally married .Barbara Jordan had three kids (Charminique, Johnny, Sussy). Barbara Charline Jordan was born in Houston, Texas, on February 21, 1936, one of three daughters of Benjamin M. Jordan and Arlyne Patten Jordan. Benjamin Jordan, a graduate of Tuskegee Institute, worked in a local warehouse…show more content…
Barbara was well known with moving peoples mind, body’s, and hearts through her speeches. She allowed many to relate to her and understand her .She mostly became important to history by the way she would move the crowd with the way she would put her words together. Barbara was extremely remarkable for her standout. Barbara Jordan was actually very important for making speech before the house in 1974, she made a speech over in the house of judiciary. These speeches help people have hope that one day everything would be ok.Barbara Jordan was not only and outspoken person but, she was also influential with her words .Barbara left one mark on earth and that was never to give up. In my opinion Barbara was a motivating, spiritual,
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