Barbara Jordan Resilience

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Barbara Jordan’s Resilience The strength of family is having a role model who can tell the young how they went through life and their mistakes to what got them there so the young could learn from. With this it is important to know that everyone goes through different challenges which aids them in different ways. All these lessons are handed down to daughters and sons so they too can learn from those lessons. Barbara Jordan a woman who held her ground is a lady many can learn from. Barbara Jordan showed resistance in her life through many characteristics such as intelligence, determination and leadership. On February 21, 1936, Barbara Jordan was born in Houston, Texas. Her father was a Baptist minister while her mother was a maid, housewife and school teacher. Barbara attended a segregated high school. It was when a speaker by the name of Edith Sampson (a black lawyer) came and gave a speech she knew she wanted to become an attorney. With this drive she soon was enrolled at Texas Southern University. Jordan joined a debate team which became nationally renowned. After she graduated with magna cum laude honors from Texas Southern University she went on to Boston University’s law school. After that she went on to take the Massachusetts and Texas bars passing them both. Then she returned to Texas to open her own law office.…show more content…
Jordan ran for the Texas House twice unsuccessfully before winning the 1966 contest for a newly created Texas Stare Senate district. (history, art & archives) Despite losing Jordan did not allow a small defeat to be the end of her story. She continued to push and after all that her hard work paid off and she won the third time. Barbara Jordan demonstrates the true definition of this quote by Dale Carnegie which is "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade". She worked hard to make sure she would not be the victim of life and being able to not be destroyed by life portrays the strength
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