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Barbara Kingsolver uses a critical perspective of the Congo’s struggles through the character development of Adah Price. Kingsolver uses the development of Adah to reinforce a more cynical, and view. This leads to the exposure of her differences, which are comparable to the Congo's different and distinct culture. Adah’s personality is left unmatched to anyone in the Price family and the Congo unlike any other place. This allows for a static contrast between their characteristics. Adah Price’s disability has caused her to view the world more cynically and critically and therefore she sometimes feels excluded for her opinions, thoughts and outlook on situations. Both Adah and the Congo are estranged, Adah from others through her physical condition…show more content…
This assumption causes Adah to feel separated from her family but more aware of the critical world around her. The only understanding Adah receives is from the Congo itself, for the Congo’s perception on life also differs from other places due to its condition. Rachel Price, her younger sister, explains that “Used to be, Adah was the only one of us in our family with something wrong with her. But here nobody stares at Adah except just a little because she’s white...”(5). Disability is seen common in the Congo and they do not dance around her disability but call her “benduka” (Crooked Walker). This similarity between Adah and the Congo allows Adah to relate with the Congolese as well as show that she is indeed, a representation of the Congo. The Congo itself may not have a disability but their way of living is viewed as not being substantial enough for the Americans not to change it. Adah and the Congo develops into an original personality, causing you to think of them as not being understood. Sympathy and an attempt to understand Adah and the Congolese becomes a common ground that is underneath the changes they

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