Importance Of Learning How To Learn Essay

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Learning How to Learn Response Essay Everyone has learned something in their lifetime, most of us have done our harder learning at school. In school students learn math, history, English, science and other subjects. What they don’t learn is how to learn these subjects. In this video “Learning how To Learn”, Barbara Oakley, a professor of engineering, points out the main ways of how to learn. She mentions how most teachers use metaphor and analogy to teacher, and she uses these a lot in her explaining how to learn. The key ideas relate to learning are focus mode and diffuse mode; two different modes our brains use when we are learning. Most people are only familiar with focus mode, which is when you put all of you focus to what you are learning without any distractions. This mode is used when patterns are already there and when your brain knows how solve certain problems. Diffuse mode is different, this mode is used when learning something new. In this mode, thoughts can range much more widely, and your brain can move around to different concepts. This mode is not as commons, and people often have trouble using this mode. When you get stuck on a problem or learning something use diffuse mode and do something…show more content…
Procrastination is a habit, Oakley mentions a way that in her opinions is the best way to prevent procrastination. This method is called “The Pomodoro Technique”, this technique was created by Francesco Cirillo in 1980. The technique requires you to set a timer for 25 minutes and completely focus on your work with no distractions at all. Once the time is up, you get to reward your self with a break. This is a great method because instead of feeling like we aren’t doing anything affective when we aren’t studying, we are because it is apart of the learning process. The breaks will allow you to then use your diffuse mode. Focus on the time and not the task, this is what causes us to
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