Barbara Perry's Hate Crimes

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This moving event tide the gap between humans. The sign that read, "No human being is illegal" really inspired me. In the big picture, ignoring all the nitpicky options and details, people are people. Seeing how simply writing a statement and name on a poster can better ones day was truly amazing. All anyone could ask for is support. For people to show up and make their support present. One student spoke about the fear that marginalized groups deal with everyday due to recent events involving hate. She said acts like these must stop. In Barbara Perry’s article, Hate Crimes, she talks about America’s color-coded society. She explains that whiteness has been constructed to be the normal American standard. Every other color is susceptible to judgement because of this “ideal image” of the perfect American. No human being deserves to be hurt or judged over preexisting stereotypes. The best way to end hate is this. “This” being, brave individuals that speak up to gain…show more content…
Her parents and sister were born in Peru and she was born in the United States. After living the majority of her adolescence in American she and her family were sent back to Peru because of the family 's status. She spoke of Peru as a foreign, unfamiliar land. Rightfully so, America was her and her families home. Many people fear the unknown. Immigrants enter communities with set beliefs that Americans view as cultural domination. In Assimilation into a New Geography by Douglas S. Massey he explains that communities with a greater amount of mixed races in a population assimilate better to newcomers than more white concentrated communities do. Locally in the Fort Collins community “white” is very concentrated. Many Colorado State University students lack a background in diversity. For that reason, events like the DACA Student Support Rally are very important when it comes to educating students on this

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