Barbaric Dbq Analysis

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Barbaric, which means extremely cruel, are what the mongols were called because of their cruel, violent actions. They have a bad reputation which led them to be called “barbaric” or “barbarians.” They clearly have done brutal things but the question is, how brutal, or barbaric, were they? From my understanding of the mongols and what I have read about them, they are very cold-blooded and evil. They carried out malevolent tactics to harm others for their own benefit, showing how extremely barbaric they were. The mongols invaded other regions to take over and steal but they had done worse things than that. Genghis Khan had started off by targeting North China, the Chin armies. According to the document - introduction it says “slaughter was so great…show more content…
He had destroyed other cities to make them submit and let him have all power. According to the article it was either “submit or die.” Neighboring cities all over were invaded by the mongols and many people were killed. Later on Ogedei had died, everyone patiently, curiously waiting for what was to happen next. What was next was Genghis Khan 's grandson to take after Ogedei! As the Khan reputation has always been, they had a huge army and took over as many cities as they could. He swept the cities away and took over each quickly. They annihilated other armies. From the article another grandson of Genghis’, Kubilai, ruled in China. Because of the fact that he did he had protected Asia from the mongols because of family ties. In Conclusion, the mongols were extremely barbaric, ruthless, cruel people who took the lives and cities of so many because of the want for power. They did not have sympathy for the lives took. They had many “throne-takers” or “heirs”, if you will, take over and do the same things Genghis Khan had did. They did things that would give them the title “barbarians.” Because of all of the evidence it makes it right to say they were very
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