Barbaric In Today's Society

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In today’s society, there is a great deal of discussion on what behavior is civilized and what is barbaric. Consider the actions of our president, Donald Trump. The majority believes that his behavior with women and his tactics for being elected extremely barbaric. There is even a chance that he cheated during the election. Some consider his behavior normal, calling it “ locker room talk”, and therefore consider it civilized. You can also consider the behavior of ISIS and their treatment of non-muslims and even Muslims that don’t worship the same way they do. In most people’s eyes that is extremely barbaric and an awful thing to do, but, they think they are carrying out Allah’s work. The example provided are showing that actions are not truly barbaric, it is all individual perception. In the books…show more content…
On pages 62 and 63, Hugo states “One day they (Thenardiers) wrote to her (Fantine) that her little Cosette was entirely destitute of clothing for the cold winter, that she needed a woolen skirt, and that her mother must send 10 francs for that … “What beautiful hair” exclaimed the barber. “How much will you give me for it?” said Fantine. “Ten Francs” “Cut it off.” She bought a knit skirt and sent it to the Thenardiers. It was the money they wanted. They gave the skirt to Eponine. The poor lark still shivered.” This quote shows how barbaric people the Thenardiers were when it came to trying to con people out of their money. They truly saw this little, sweet, innocent girl as a money opportunity and cared nothing about her well being. The majority of the people on this planet would be disgusted at how barbaric the behavior the Thenardiers exhibit. To them, they do not see it as barbaric, they just want money and do not care how they get it. The Thenardiers appalling treatment of Cosette continues beyond this and will cause her to turn from the beautiful girl she once was, to a malnourished and hideous
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