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The Barbarossa Brothers were once the greatest pirates who ever roamed the sea, they had a fleet of ships so large they outmatched any navy or pirate crew that crossed their path. They had so much treasure that it could fill the whole entire Nile river. But a young captain by the name of L’Olonnais, he was just starting out as a crewman on the ship called the Royal Fortune. While they were passing a small island called The Angel Isles. There was a dark cave that The Barbarossa brothers hide into the attack because it 's right next to a major trade route out of nowhere The Barbarossa brothers came out of the cave and started firing at them. Their main ship is so large they have over 300 crewmen on board with four levels of cannons. The whole…show more content…
L’Olonnais told the cannon man rap a grappling hook around the cannonball and attack it to the main mast and fire the cannon. While they fired the cannon he turned the ship straight toward The Barbarossa brothers ship and when the grappling hook attached to the ship he started to wrap the thick rope around the ship.But At the same time the Barbarossa Brothers were firing back at them they were taking hits like crazy pieces of the ship were flying of water was gushing on all sides of the boats, but L’Olonnais started heading towards him and wrapping the rope around the boat until he he opened all his sails and started heading forward which started to tip the boat and till it was completely on their side and started to sink since it tipped over so fast the all the boat 's crew was trapped inside and they went down with the ship. This has been an unknown tale since the 1680’s some people say that the The Barbarossa brothers died from disease others say that they were attacked by a humongus monster but none of them no the tale of captain L’Olonnais and his crew of

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