Barbarossa Romance Of Reality

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Barbarossa was a powerful warrior who led the famous crusades when he went about conquering cities and lands. In 1152, according to John Haaren, author of Famous Men of the Middle Ages, Frederick Barbarossa became king of the Germans. A few years into his reign, Milan revolted, sending Barbarossa over the Alps to put down the rebellion (Haaren; 180) “After a long siege the city surrendered” Haaren claims. Satisfied, Barbarossa and his men returned to Germany, believing the Milanese would not attempt another revolt (180). He was wrong! Milan revolted once more, bringing Barbarossa back to the Lombardy city to put down the new rebellion (180). He did so swiftly, destroying the entire city (180). Other cities of Lombardy allied with Milan and together they rebuilt the city, prepared for the chance of another…show more content…
B. Synge’s book, The Discovery of New Worlds, Barbarossa did return to Milan in 1176 (84). He met the Milanese army at the city of Legnano who were guarding a special car of items including: A figure of Jesus, medicine and bandages for their soldiers, and a band martial music (84). Barbarossa quickly charged into battle, states Charles Morris, author of Historical Tales—The Romance of Reality, Vol. V (111). During the battle, many of Barbarossa’s fellow soldiers witnessed him falling from his horse and into the midst of the battle as he rode through (112). Frightened, the German army fled from the battle, thinking their great leader to be dead (112). Against all odds, Barbarossa survived the fall and escaped the battle with a few of his German soldiers (112). Sometime after the defeat of Barbarossa at Milan, Saladin, the leader of the Moslems in 1187, recaptured Jerusalem from the Christians (Haaren; 182). Barbarossa led an army into Asia Minor and defeated the Moslems (182). On the trip back home to Germany, an overexcited Barbarossa attempted to cross a river without the bridge (183). The fierce warrior was swept away in the strong current
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