Persuasive Essay On Barbie's Ads

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The official launch of the Barbie doll at the annual toy fair in New York City didn’t succeed. The owners continued to invest firmly in their ideas to transmit the first ever Barbie commercial. The first ad showed a society more consumerist. They showed Barbie’s modeling with different designs of clothing with rich details of a higher-class society, giving an idea of consumption. ‘That progress is even more apparent when you look at one of the earliest Barbie ads, from 1959. It shows four stiffly posed Barbie’s in fabulous '50s frocks, and it ends with the line "Someday I'm going to be exactly like you," and a lingering close-up on a Barbie bride. In other words: Someday, I'm going to be married’ (NPR). It was in this ad that everything started. The beauty standards that this ad…show more content…
" When people make relentless efforts to become like Barbie -as possible, they are trying to be Barbie . - His representation of an ideal of beauty." ( Henderson, T. ) By sending this idea to the girls, they feel the necessity to fit in. Playing with the doll, the kids start adapting these trends and their brains registries everything about Barbie, such as how beautiful and popular she is, and naturally these girls will start wanting to be like her, which starts many of the on their way to eating disorders. “It’s estimated that 8 million people in the United States has an eating disorder, and only 10-15% of them are male. Which leaves the 85- 90% of them to be female. And 80% of those females are under the age of 20. Many admitting that they started worrying about their weight when they were between the age of 4 and six years old. That is around the age that a girl usually gets her first Barbie doll, and many of the girls who have or had an eating disorder admitted that Barbie played a huge role on their influences in behavior and looks.” (Saren
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