Barbra Kingsolver Knowing Our Place Analysis

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The Peak: Gold Hill In Barbra Kingsolver’s essay “Knowing Our Place”, the author writes, “Our greatest and smallest explanation for ourselves grow from place, as surely as carrots grow in the dirt” (page 40). Everyone grows as people even if we only grow from one place. We should all be able to see where we come from and know what our place is. Places are memories to help shape the journey of who you are and where you come from. They are those building blocks that make us who we are. Each building block teaches you something new and comes with a new experience. Kingsolver tells us that we all have places that tell our stories. Places are important because without them I wouldn’t be who I am today, they are what makes me, me. Gold hill is my place, it’s a symbol of everything I have overcome in my life and lets me overlook it. From the time my most recent pair of unworn shoes, usually laying in the depths of the closet, hits the dirt I feel like everything disappears. Everything in the real world is pushed away like leaves in the wind. Its just me and my mind alone for the couple hours of peace and thought up to come. Making my way up the trail I’m surrounded by a countless number of tree’s towering over me like doctors while…show more content…
It makes what feels like a lifetime worth of a journey is behind you. It gives me that chance to look back, stop, breath and really vision everything I’ve been through. I’m on top of the world above my entire childhood. I can see it all, from the hospital I spent countless hours in, my childhood home, to the home I now live in. The baseball and football fields I dedicated so much of my life toward. Every store, restaurant, and park I have visited a countless number of times. The lake laying their so peaceful. Waves slowly make their way across it being pushed gently by the wind like the moment before your dad lets go of you when learning to ride a
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