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Barcelona is the city of a thousand faces: it is a collection of a thousand cultures and charming corners. This is a chameleon city, changing with each season. During summer, Barcelona is empty. The bustle of winter disappears and a mysterious tranquility seizes its streets - except the center, which is always full of life -. But do not think you're going to bored, quite the opposite! In Barcelona you will always find something to do especially at this time of year. Every summer, the city offers a wide range of festivals, parties, concerts and exhibitions of all kinds. Take a leap for the biggest party of your neighborhood or the festival of Gracia - with such beautiful scenery that adorn its streets! -- Or Pasat on the beach and the sun tuéstate...…show more content…
He traveled the world flying only first class. He stayed at the best hotels, complaining if he was forced to step down to four-star lodgings. He bought only the best souvenirs from the lobby gift shop in each hotel he stayed in. He ate at the finest restaurants where the top chefs served their culinary masterpieces. And he made sure his transportation was either a limousine or a top rate luxury cab. This man knew how to travel and had the money to do so. But did he really see anything? Did he experience all those magnificent countries he flew to and fro? Did he taste, smell, feel, or hear the culture of those countries? Traveling in such luxurious style I can only imagine would be an experience to remember, but what I can't imagine would be to make the journey without truly experiencing the culture. I have traveled to four countries, other than the United States, and throughout our diverse nation, and I have experienced not only numerous cultures from their sights, sounds, aromas, and tastes, but I have also received an education that can't be found in any textbook. As a child my family lived and traveled through Mexico to Belize (formerly known as British Honduras). We were not in any kind of hurry while we saw the sights from our converted bus. We stopped at Mayan ruins and climbed all over them while we tried to imagine how life was when they had just been built. We swam in the…show more content…
My seat has been constantly kicked and it felt like the behavior was being ignored and I have heard the constant whines and cries of unhappy travelers. Now that I am a parent of an active 3 year old I am empathetic to the parent traveling with kids. The thought of taking my son on flights has always filled me with apprehension because I do not want any embarrassing episodes with our child. Fortunately we have been pleasantly surprised with how our son has done on these trips. First I have to admit that my child is a good traveler. I have taken him on long road trips since he was a baby. But these successful trips did not happen without advance planning and lots of activities on the plane! Preparing your child for travel is crucial. I took my son to the airport prior to our traveling to hear the noise of an airport, to watch the luggage being checked and loaded on airplanes, to see the planes taking off, and to personally talk with security officials regarding items that were acceptable in my diaper bag. I also checked out "Cleared for Takeoff" (Fred Levine's Little Hard Hats) from the library. This video helped explain what to expect with air travel as a family goes on a trip. I also checked out travel books so I could show him pictures of places he would see when we arrived. All of this preparation helped build excitement and by our travel date, my son was ready forward his plane ride. Make sure you can handle

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