Barefoot Running Speech

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“My own prescription for health is less paperwork and more running barefoot through the grass,” states “Leslei Grimutter”. Barefoot running has been growing over the years and have been found to be very beneficial to your mind, body, and health. To understand barefoot running you must be informed on the history, barefoot running vs. running in shoes, benefits for both children and elderly, injury prevention, cautions of bad weather, and lastly barefoot running tips and maintenance. Barefoot running has been around for many years, many historians believe that ancient Greek athletes ran barefoot. There is an interesting legend about a man named Pheidippides that was the first marathon runner of this time. He was said to have run thirty-six hours from Athens to Sparta to win the Battle of Marathon, after he won he then ran straight to the battle fields. This is whole lot of running and image doing this all barefoot. Barefoot running though did not start to become popular or even notice until 1960 when a man named…show more content…
These nerve endings in our feet aren’t supposed to make us ticklish but rather to help and protect us as we run, jog, or walk on them. Our feet want to naturally want to feel the world around them and when we wear shoes it takes the feelings away from our feet. When we run with shoes on, our feet tend to hit the ground harder than it should with each step because our feet can’t feel the ground directly without the hitting the ground harder because of the cushioning in the shoes that is supposes to make us safer while running. This cushioning is not protecting us but rather harming us. When you barefoot run the ball of your foot hits the ground first and quickly starts to send signals to both your spinal cord and brain. If you ripe away this impact by the cushioning in your shoes you make a fool of your brain and spinal cord by making them both underestimate the
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