Barn Burning By William Faulkner Analysis Essay

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This paper going to explain the diverse style of William Faulkner and the amazing and accelerating short story called “Barn Burning” by William Faulkner. The way that Faulkner wrote his short stories he was really ahead of his time with the use of his words and the style of his writing. He was one of the biggest and most powerfulest writers in his ways. Faulkner has written many short stories in his time, but Barn burning takes the prize for best short story. In William Faulkner Barn Burning he uses theme, literary devices, and author style to show the readers a darker style of writing.
In Faulkner 's ‘ ' Barn Burning ' ' he uses many types of themes, but the most used theme is anger and hatred, the reason this is the most used theme is because this is one of the better ways that Faulkner uses theme for this short story . The reader can see this theme vividly do with the use of the characters and his use of words. The reader can see the theme anger and hatred when Faulkner writes in ‘ ' Barn Burning ' ' ‘ ' That evening a n***** came with the dollar and got the hog. He was a strange n******. He said, 'He say to tell you wood and hay kin burn. ' I said, 'What? ' 'That whut he say to tell you, ' the n***** said. 'Wood and hay kin burn. ' That night my barn burned. I got the stock out but I lost the barn." (Faulkner 1) As the reader can see Faulkner 's use of words and style of writing shows how much anger and hatred that the characters can have
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In Faulkner 's short story Barn Burning the reader can have a better understanding and knowledge about his themes, literary devices,and his style of writing . Now the reader can better understand the writing style of William Faulkner and hopefully understand his way of writing. Faulkner is one of the most complex and artistic writer that has ever walked this earth, his style of writing could not compare to his pears during his time. So in conclusion Faulkner’s
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