Barn Burning

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Dealing with internal conflict can be something that ever human being experiences at some time or another in their life time. This is exactly Colonel Sartoris Snopes “Sarty,” a ten-year-old child, encounters when he has to decide rather to remain loyal to his father or fight for what is morally right within himself and society. Being the major character in William Faulkner’s, “Barn Burning” this young boy is placed under the scrutiny of having to lie for his father in order to remain loyal and protect the freedom of his father or be honest and do what is right for the protection of others possession. In the story, there will be a dynamic change in Satoris character from following the demands of his father to understanding what is justly…show more content…
He does this all the way throughout the story till the end of his death, never changing his thoughts and ideas on life. In the beginning of the story Abner is brought to confront the Justice of Peace and Mr. Harris on a suspicion of arson on Mr. Harris’s barn. Abner being upset with Mr. Harris for charging him a “dollar pound fee” for the return of his hog and feels he has to seek revenge ( ). However, he is not charged with arson because the only proof Harris has is the “nigger” sent to retrieve the hog, passing along a message from Mr. Abner “Wood and hay kin burn” ( ). Because there is no physical evidence against him, he is only summoned to leave and the take his “wagon and get out of the country before dark” ( ). Again, in the second end of the story, Abner feels he is unjustly charged for ruining Major De Spain expensive French rug by deliberately tracking animal manure on the rug. He yet again seeks out revenge and unable to process and accept the judgement of having to pay “ten bushels of corn” out of his crop ( ). Angered by this decision, he heads out to set yet another blaze to De Spain barn. De Spain is then warned by Abner’s own son, Sarty yelling out, “Barn, Barn!” ( ). Satoris cautioning De Spain about his potential misfortunes he
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