Barn Owl Essay

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The barn owl is generally a medium sized bird but the size variation in subspecies can be 33 to 29 cm. They are a pale coloured owl with a heart shaped face which is usally bright white and very distinictive but some may also have brown faces other distinictive features of this bird would be their black eyes. They have a very long wing span which can reach to 95cm. The head, nape of neck, back and wings are all a golden brown colour, they also have a pale hocked bill which is often hidden by the feathers around their beak. The wings and the tail are quite dark on the barn owl. The shape of their tail is very disguisable when the bird is in flight. Male barn owls have fewer spots then the females. To communicate barn owls dont actually hoot they do a shree scream, which is a long down out sherk.

Wild Orgins and Habitat
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Their geographical range includes all of Europe, Most of Africa, Indian subcontinent, North, central and south Amercia. For a barn owl to trive in a particular area there must be a high population of rodents, as this is their main source of food. Their ideal habitat would be of a grassland with long hedges and ditches, alot of fenches to perch while they hunt, and ideally a low lying area under 1500 to 2000 meters from sea level. The differences between the common owls habitat and the barn owls habitat is that common owls normally are found in dense forest areas where as barn owns aviod hunting here all together. Barn owls prefer scanty covered areas like forests or farms where food is more accisable. In famrs esspecially, barn owls are very welcomed by famers as they get ride of pests without harming the crops, this abadatbilty has resulted in them being the most widely spread species in the
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