Barnaby Gumballs: A Short Story

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"P-please... No! Stop... I-I-... You can have all my money!" Punches. "A-AAAAH! N-no! I 'm sorry! I 'll finish it on time...! Your homework I 'll do that too! H-help you cheat on your tests to?!" Uncontrollable sobs. "Shut your faggot mouth!!" Pleads. "No please! Stop!" Bruises. "This is your fault!" Rips and tears "But what did I-I-...?!" Blood... ✥✥✥ It 's been like this ever since I could remember...but the most frustrating part about this all is that more than majority of the times... It 's for no reason. None. Nada. Nothing. At fucking. All. They just pull me into a corner, shove me into a locker, lock it and then just leave.... Just. Fucking. Leave. Honestly... I 'd love being locked away from…show more content…
Whatever it was, I don 't have to worry about it anymore. Finally, with hours and hours of begging and nagging my parents to change my school, I 'm being transferred! Barnaby Gumball will finally be able to study and be at peace in school! No worries! No fears! As the annoying alarm clock rang, I was knocked out of my thoughts about the past. I had been awake for an hour now and had prepared everything for this day the previous night. I didn 't really have anyone but myself in this giant mansion so no one came to wake me up and wish me good luck like I 'd honestly would 've liked. Sometimes it 's nice to be alone but when you never have anyone around you for months on end, it gets…show more content…
Not the 'cleanest ' of companies... with a deep sigh, I slide off my bed and on to the cold wood floor. My toes curl on contact and my body instantly wants me to wrap myself back in to the heavenly blanket cocoon. I push those urges aside and make my way to the bathroom, doing my normal daily routine. A quick steamy shower, brushing my teeth bright white, doing my hair and fixing my braces. After all of that, I made my way to my closet and picked out a simple outfit, a white button up shirt, baby blue sweat shirt that had three white stripes on my right upper arm on top of that -making sure to take out the collar- some beige skinny jeans and finally a pair of black high tops. I was contemplating to wear my navy blue sweater vest instead but I already looked nerdy as it was. Thank god I had contacts instead of my glasses. They weren 't the thick frame but still, nerdy none the less. Even though I 'd rather not wear my glasses, I still kept them on me since my eyes didn 't like contacts. After a few hours, they start to sting and lemon my vision further than they already are. So whenever that happens, I just whip out my glasses and replace them with my contacts. I don 't really have to wear them throughout the school day, the contacts usually last the entire school day but it 's better safe than sorry. With my glasses in my bag and my bag on my shoulders, I put in my contacts before gliding down the stairs and into the front door, grabbing the keys that lay inside an
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