Barnes & Noble Vs Amazon

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The battle that Amazon and Barnes & Noble have faced through many years are the same as ones artist may be having with private companies that allow individuals to download single songs versus forcing them to buy whole albums as they use to have to in the past. As we grow in the world newer technology continues to advance causing things or industries such as books, music and sales to change drastically. In the past the means to purchase books, movies and music was but walking into the store and purchasing a hard copy and hand. While technology has made it easier for consumers to enjoy various mediums of entertainment, many industries have suffered due to this. Many of the “EBook wars” came about when Amazon advertised a few Christmas’s ago to…show more content…
Amazon has such a large consumer span with having really everything you may need at your fingertips. Not too long after Amazon launched, lots of backlash came from other business within the industry who feared the competition and the potential damage that Amazon could have on their business. One of those particularly being Barnes & Noble. For many years Barnes & Noble was the leading book store in the nation. Once Amazon launched their sales slowly began to decline. To try and stay up with its competitors specifically Barnes and Nobles launched an online store for eBook with thousands of titles according to sources July 20. This was one time when they surpassed what Amazon could provide to their customers. B&N got innovated to determine what they could do to be able to be competitive. They took some advantages of them on Amazon and fixed glitches and made it work. However with some things, not everything they could do would surpass Amazon forever. Through the battle however, B&N has proven that if they can make their customers happy by ensuring the eBook system can work on multiple devices and they won’t be restricted in that sense, then with time they could halt Amazon’s attempt to own the eBook world. Amazon publishing If I was an author of a book and it was suggested to reach out to Amazon in reference to one of my previous books, I think just as any other businessman or women would base off…show more content…
See what works for Amazon and see what the consumers are satisfied with. Barnes & Noble must prepare a plan and not that in order to be competitive, they must bring something more to the table than Amazon. I do believe a gain or investment is a feasible solution for Barnes and Noble. It may take a while for technology to pose something greater than where we are now. If Barnes and Noble is not where they desire to be, they must invest in something greater. This is nothing new for Barnes and Noble as they have been on the chopping block to stay alive. Back in 2011, they along with the book store called Borders were on the verge of failing when at the last minute Borders stored across the world closed as Barnes and Noble invested in online sales with the introduction of its own e-reader according to Business Insider. According to the New York Times n 2014 they also received a conditional offer to allow a small investment firm 51% of the company that would increase the bookseller’s shares (Gelles 2014). Unlike Borders, and many other book sellers, they saw then what needed to happen and made the necessary changes according to where technology was at that time and the needs of the

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