Barnum Bones Short Story

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Similarities In Stories
In the books, Madeline in London by Ludwig Bemelmans, and Barnum Bones by Tracey Fern, both stories have very similar themes. In these children's books she thinks sometimes she forgets the important underlying messages. The purpose of writing this paper is to show just how important these life lessons can be and how important it is to introduce these themes to children. In the story Barnum Bones by Tracy Ferns, there is a family who works for a circus in a very small town and have recently had a baby. Immediately the baby shows signs of indifference. A few years later the baby grows up and evolves into a very adventurous man, but he finds that the circus life is not for him. Under his parents' disapproval, he decides to become and archaeologist, He leaves his very small town and his family to go do something that is completely out of his traditional lifestyle so
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The fact that they were able to risk everything is absolutely astonishing and amazing because Pepito had so much courage to do what they did and in the end it worked out for them. This is what made us feel so much for these characters while writing this essay. These books, both show a tremendous amount of courage to not only do something he loved to be doing or trying a new experiment; it shows us that these characters show that stepping out of your comfort zone pays off even if there are ups and downs while doing it. In writing this essay we hope that we showed people who read this that, it is okay to step out of the comfort zone, even if stepping out of the comfort zone means doing something that scares you, because sometimes doing something that scares someone might just change his or her life completely for the
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