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Baronelle Stutzman is a seventy-one year old florist from Washington. Her job is passion, and she 's been doing it for more than thirty years. She was raised in a religious home, and is a devout Christian. She has developed many relationships with her clients. Her favorite client, Rob Ingersoll, was a frequent customer, and often visited the shop to chat with Baronelle
Rob and Baronelle became very close friends. Baronelle knew Rob was gay, but she didn 't care because she enjoyed his company. In the past Baronelle didn 't mind selling her flowers to Rob for small occasions regardless of his sexuality. When gay marriage was legalized Rob decided to get married to his companion.
Naturally, Rob went to Baronelle for the flower arrangements. Baronelle, being a Christian felt torn between her relationship with God, and her friendship with Rob.
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Word of the incident reached the Internet. It enraged many Gay Right 's Activists.
Rob sued Baronelle for refusing to serve him and his partner. She faces charges, and is likely to go out of buisness. Although the situation looks grim, Baronelle keeps an optimistic attitude, and believes God will take care of her.
I agree with Baronelle one-hundred percent. The problem with America these days is that everyone gets offended by the simplest incidents. This country was founded on Christian beliefs, but now those beliefs are in shambles. Our country is inevitably headed towards destruction. If we keep on headed down this path it can 't end well.
The only way to get our country back on track is for Christians to assume leadership positions, and fight for the values that America was founded on before it 's too late. We need more people like Baronelle who will sacrifice everything they have for what 's right. She could have simply agreed to do the wedding, and all of her problems would disappear. Instead she chooses to continue following God.
I 'm not sure if there is anything that I would risk everything I have for. I
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