Baron's Argument For The Legalization Of Marijuana

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Baron first introduces cannabis with its early frequent use for medicinal purpose. However, driven by political and social factors rather than scientific factors, this plant has shifted its status from legal to illegal during past decades. Still, Baron points out the fact that cannabis used in medicinal field shows its efficiency in treating a multitude of diseases, especially chronic pain disorders including headache. Students in particular should find this article useful for summarizing the early history of marijuana and answering the question how it became illegal. The political movements mentioned provide social perspective to explain the illegal status of cannabis with details. The historical facts in this article add credibility to…show more content…
to its present situation in the United States, the contrast between the accusation of marijuana abuse from politicians and the notable amount of people involved in cannabis use during their life time. A prediction that a change of marijuana use will occur sooner or later is also addressed at the end. Students will find this article an interesting angle to introduce the illegalization of marijuana. The contrast between the attitude of politicians and individuals towards marijuana use mentioned above directly lead me to the research topic. The statistics of marijuana use in today’s United States provided in this article describe this problem more specifically and precisely, which also add credibility to its argument. Isralowitz here tries to look at marijuana use in a political way and presents different voices from various social organizations, offering a new perspective to indicate that there are health benefits to be had with marijuana’s use. However, the context of this article reveals a preference for marijuana legalization and a prospective shift in values of marijuana without showing solid evidences to prove Isralowitz’s…show more content…
Topics discussed also include what social or economic effects that decriminalization of marijuana has had on the United States society. The heated-debate situation of marijuana today mainly results from the discrepancy between federal laws and state laws. By analyzing different laws, we can gain an insight into why marijuana is legal today in most states. Also by looking at the social and economic consequences of marijuana legalization in certain states, we can better understand why other states still consider marijuana illegal. This article provides a different and unique angle to explore the research topic by comparing legislative difference among laws. It should reveal more logic reasons for today’s situation of marijuana. Also the social and economic impact of marijuana legalization for medical use in Minnesota would serve to generalize this problem to nationwide with more credibility. Its mention of the correlation between marijuana use and crime rates is worthy of

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