Baroque And The Baroque Period

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Baroque is a style of art. It is an era of artistic style that used sensational motion and obvious, easily interpreted features to produce drama, tension, and magnificence in architecture, sculptures, paintings, literature, theatre, dance, and music. Baroque art is usually very frisky and has several ornaments.

It was between the styles of Renaissance and Neoclassicism. This means it began at the begging of the 16th century (around 1600), at that time, there were absolutist monarchs in Europe. In Italy, the movement was began. It then spread to the Catholic countries in Europe. Eventually, it also spread to the Protestant ones.

The success and popularity of the Baroque style were backed up by the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church expressed that the arts should connect with religious themes with emotional attachment. Baroque art and architecture were viewed by the aristocrats as a method of impressing guests by sticking out strength, victory, and supremacy. Baroque areas are created around an entrance of grand staircases, royal residence, and luxurious reception suits.

The Baroque era is divided into three approximate phases:
Early Baroque, c. 1590–1625
High Baroque, c. 1625–1660
Late Baroque, c. 1660–1725 or later

The development of Baroque

The Baroque arose around 1600, a few decades after the Council of Trent, by which the Roman Catholic Church was agreed that the representational arts, by that sculptures and paintings in church contexts was healthy
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