Baroque Bach Essay

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Baroque: Bach/Rembrandt van Rijn Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisenach in 1685 and died at age 65 in 1750. His parents’ died when he was ten years old. Therefore he moved in with his brother Johann Christoph, who was older than him by fourteen years, in Ohrdruf. Now by this time J. S. Bach was already suitable to play the violin. By age fifteen, he knew how to play the clavichord; his brother, who was Pachelbel’s student, taught him. He then went on to learn Greek, Latin, arithmetic, etc. Five Years later he decided to leave his brother and went to a school in Lueneburg. There he joined the choir of the Michaëlisschule. Bach continued to grow in his musical ability and eventually left to Arnstadt; his great-uncle Heinrich died, leaving an opportunity for Bach to be the new musician at the church. He was to play the newly built organ. The church wanted Bach and on the August 14, 1703, he pledged his faithfulness and organist to God and the…show more content…
Years later he was appointed concertmeister, the head violinist. He had seven kids; two, twins, of the seven died in 1713. He was becoming very well known; he was always being offered to try or even just check out different organs. One new organ, in Halle, he was attracted to and offered himself as a organist. He was accepted and made a cantata on the spot. During the many years to come, Bach continued to grow in his skill, impress people, travel, and compose. In 1749, Bach had a painful disorder in his eyes; he had two surgeries and became totally blind. Ten days before he died, he regained his eyesight for a short space. J. S. Bach died July 28, 1750, leaving his wife to finish the last ten years of her life in poverty. Bach was buried in Leipzig; then his remains were removed and the space was made into a road. His bones were scattered; no one knew or cared where. He was also soon forgotten at his school, Thomasschule, despite the impact he made when he was
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