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Name Course Institution Tutor Date Introduction In the history of art, Baroque is considered one of the most opulent artistic styles. Baroque artistic style began in Rome about 1600 before spreading to other regions. The style is characterized by energetic movement and display. The style has however been criticized as one that is extravagant in terms of the sums spent on the public monuments. This paper is a defense of the magnificence and splendor of Baroque art of the King Louis XIV of France Royal Portrait, ST Peters Basilica, Versailles palace and Baladocchino structure. It entails the fine details and the importance of the lavishness of the materials used in the artistic works, the presentation for the function…show more content…
This kind of art is characterized by great drama, rich, deep color, intense light and dark shadows. It is characterized by the juxtaposition of the shape as well as the color used in the painting. It uses a variety of colors to sharply contrast schemes. All these characteristics of this artistic work create an organized kind of chaos in terms of contrast. It is displays as classical decorative design. The designs used in the artistic work can be categorized as masculine and extravagant. The architecture is grand scale and has extremely large columns. It has elaborate facades and interiors where the importance of the style and appearance has been displayed. Despite the architecture being monumental, it displays a new sense of style and taste due its dramatis and theatrical features. The significance of the lavishness of the Baroque is that it unifies the building, the interior as well as the garden. This is because the Sun and Head of Apollo are used as essential parts of interior decoration.The monument idealizes change as well as the state of becoming. The architecture emphasizes the ephemeral, the dynamic, and the…show more content…
It was made out of baldacchino bronze which totaled to 6,200k. of metal. The altar stands on four pedestals made of marble on which the escutcheons of the papal showing motherhood are carved. This alter was also scattered with “heraldic bees of the barberini” where the pope urban VII family belonged. The great carvings in this altar show the holistic nature of this altar. It has four columns which are twisted upwards which suggest an upward movement. Inside the “ciborium” there exist a dove which shows the presence of the Holy Spirit which is found in a burst of golden rays in the altar (WEBER, 1987). François du duquesnoy sculptured the four angels in this altar, and also other smaller angels supporting the emblem of the pope. He also put more art in the alter which included the keys, the book and the sword and the tiara. All these symbolized the presence of God since the altar was considered to be very holy. This piece of art shows creativity of the artists of that period who created this important altar which is called the baldacchino structure which is found in the holy family basilica. Conclusion The artists of that period were highly talented and presented their piece of work in a very noble way. Due to this, we have the remains of their work which has formed a great history of the baloque artists. This period had the best artists of all time considering the fact that they were driven

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