Baroque Era Research Paper

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The Baroque period is today as one of the most known and richest periods in art, architecture and music. The term it self was not given during this period, 1600-1750, but actually given by historians during the nineteenth century. The term Baroque derives from the Portuguese term Barroco, which simply means oddly shaped pearl. Critics describe the Baroque period as an extravagant and excessive period of time, and the art and architecture left behind explains why. Baroque is French word, derived from the Portuguese Barroco, meaning a misshapen pearl (Sadie). Similar words are found in Roman dialect such as Barlocco and Brillocco that have the meaning of natural pearls, but to this day the term Baroque origin is known to derive from the Portuguese…show more content…
Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens is probably the one who set those principals. His paintings are known for “ exuberant style emphasized movement, color, sensuality and emotional drama”(Baroque Period). Rubens was known for his works of Counter-Reformation altarpieces, portraits, landscapes, and for paintings of mythological subjects. Some of his most recognized works today are, The Elevation of the Cross, The Judgment of Paris and Massacre of the Innocents to name a few (Howard). What made Rubens pieces different from others before was their intense detail. In the paintings you could now see the clear color of their clothing and clear facial expressions and portrayed a bigger sense of reality. Sculpture just like painting took a drastic change during the Baroque period. Sculptures of the time were more one sided, they simply had one good side. In the Baroque period sculpture took a change were now a piece would be sculpted to be seen at any angle. During this period sculptures became aware of the new importance of their work. They gave bigger emphasize to the details of their work and even the detail of the placement of their work. They realized that the placement of their work as important as the sculpture. They took a bigger interest in the lighting of the location their sculpture would have. They now understood how crucial it was for their work to be located in the correct place. Gian Lorenzo Bernini was one of the most well-known and important sculptors of the Baroque period. One of the most iconic sculptures by Bernini is the Saint Theresa in Ecstasy, It is today of his most famous pieces because it was one of the first sculptures to show this new Baroque principle, excessive
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