Baroque High Fashion Essay

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After the birth of modern fashion, Baroque costumes disappeared for a long time, until 1980s, the western social economy once again entered the stage of vigorous development, in a piece of fertile land, hedonism again, "after the Baroque" back to life in this rich soil in 1980s. The success of the "Resurrection" let no longer leave the core areas of the Baroque high fashion. Retain the most classic Baroque elements, while simultaneously removing those who do not meet the demand of modern clothing dross! The heavy volume is too large; the stupid panniers disappeared (although until today, you can still see the total in the evening gown dress, but they all do not belong to the daily dress). The classic "X profile", "Y profile" has become more fashionable, more rich in the characteristics of the moment.…show more content…
Balmain will be in 80s and Baroque style is most closely combined, from Decarnin Christophe to Rousteing Olivier. Brand series of autumn and winter 2010 theme simply called "Barlow (Baroque 'n 'roll) rock music", this is the most classic and gorgeous season when he works as creative director of Christophe Decarnin, inspired by the Louis sixteen times printing and embroidery, color more cohesion and jumping Yong rong. In the outline of the outline and the outline of the line, abnormal gorgeous. Don 't forget, even if it is Dolce & Gabbana, the famous harem Pajama Party (Spring 2009) is a baroque theme lie. In addition, whenever you think is famous for its ornate style of the brand, Zac Posen, Oscar de la, Renta Marchesa, Alexander McQueen has been through the Baroque light to display its own

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