Baroque Vs Renaissance Era Music

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The artist’s work in the baroque period often resemble dramatic artworks that sought to draw the viewer into the image, also images employ high contrast of light and shadow as well as a fluidity that were absent in Renaissance art. Baroque creates a strong sense of liveliness, spirit and attraction. And the churches of the baroque churches tend to be richly decorated and the elements in the structure are used more freely than Renaissance. An iconic artist in the renaissance period was Leonardo da Vinci intended to further perfect the aspects of pictorial art (lighting, linear and atmospheric perspective, characterization and foreshortening, anatomy) that had preoccupied artists of the Early Renaissance, His adoption of oil paint as his primary…show more content…
When vocals are a part of the composition, which was not unusual, the difference between the two eras is more said to be pronounced. On the other hand, renaissance era music played a role in placing little emphasis on tonality, the era music of the Baroque used much more vigorous and vocals that are demonstrative. In addition, the lyrics in Baroque era music were much more precise in meaning than those in Renaissance era music, as well lyrics served a little purpose with regard to any focused meaning or…show more content…
As time passed by newer instruments were invented and introduced as well into orchestrations, the characterization of the Baroque music was said to be by the increased use of organs, harps, harpsichords, and early variations of violins and bass. Many of these instruments were sparsely available if at all during the earlier period. Baroque music had a hand in reflecting the increased possibilities of orchestral compositions and arrangements, where we have on the other hand, the renaissance era music took a stand in remaining a single tempo for the duration of the piece, later baroque introduced much more inventiveness into the compositions with tempo changed being a common characterization, composers of the baroque era such as Vivaldi, Bach, and Handel, were more into expressing their much than their forerunner. Depth was not necessarily found at baroques era of music more than the earlier renaissance period music, but orchestrations were more compound given the extension in the types of available instruments. Furthermore, the renaissance period accompanied in greater creativity, but was more limited technolically.It is given that common lack of technological sophistication is that the music was hard and complex as it was speaks to the intelligence of the composers of the period of
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