Barrack Obama's Ivan IV: Ivan The Terrible

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What would you do if I told you that our own president, Barrack Obama, was a bloodthirsty murderer who raped women as if it were a casual way to spend his free time? Though this idea may seem controversial to some, in early Russia this statement had zero exaggeration to it. If the deaths of thousands of people due to psychological illness and paranoia is a normal sight to see in your eyes on a regular basis, then you might have lived between 1533 and 1584. During this time, Ivan Chetvyorty Vasilyevich (Ivan IV) reigned in Russia. The first appointed Czar of Russia, Ivan IV, better known as Ivan the Terrible, had a disturbed childhood which led to a severely unstable mental state and brutal rule. Positivity arose from his complete renovation of the Russian government, area, and culture, along with his first wife, who tamed him some. His personal murdering capital, emotional breakdowns, and inconsistently erotic and voluptuous lifestyle, however, has pegged him as one of the most ruthless leaders in monarch history.
Born the grandson of former Russian prince Ivan III or Ivan the Great, Ivan IV had a less fortunate fate that started at a young age. He was born August 25, 1530 in Grand Duchy of
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The boyars took him in to watch over him, though they did not do a good job. They only payed Ivan attention when it was required at ceremonies or when it was through varying forms of physical and sexual abuse. Living in poverty, Ivan often witnessed brutal murders and abuse; he was exposed to much court intrigue, family dangers, and took all of this torment out on small animals when he was still young. With birds alone, he would tear off their feathers, pierce their eyes, and slit their bodies. His poor upbringing is believed to be a likely cause for what became his ruthless
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