Barrel Racing: Personal Narrative

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Let me tell you something you already know life isn 't always about sunshine and rainbows, sometimes it can be really hard and not always the greatest. It isn’t always easy when challenging yourself to accomplish new goals. One goal I am working on is becoming a barrel racer. I am seeing a lot of failure and I don 't give up on my dreams because it is my goal to keep on going till I achieve my goals that I set for myself. Why one is because of fear and failure and what if it doesn 't work out for myself and the fear of not getting to be successful at my dream. It is necessary for me to get the haters out of my life to live my dream and keep going till I achieve my goal. Running towards dreams life gives me a very special meaning what I do is separate me from other people that don’t need to be in my life and the wasting time on people that don 't need to be in it and the people that always down me about my goals. to work toward this goal of barrel racing I am gonna try to achieve this summer.
I challenge myself to be the best that I will try to be and with that it will take me not to doubt myself be positive and dedicate myself and i 'll go somewhere with my dream hopefully to the NFR someday which means
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I have learned that who’s got the right to stop me. who? well no one, It 's my life to listen to my gut and nobody is going until down me be because I choose who I want to be and I do what I wanna do. I do think I can do it, but I think again and I know I can do this I haven 't achieved it yet and I will because that is the goal I am trying to achieve and I am going to keep striving for it, I keeping working for it I know it won 't be easy I gotta find what it is to make it easy. I tell myself I can’t quit working on this goal and practicing I have to work for it. I also know that I am going to fail, but that doesn 't make me a failure. I have to keep going to I achieve this goal and this summer I am going to do it and nobody is going to stop me from
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