Barrel Racing Research Paper

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The one extracurricular activity that has become a main priority in my life is my horses and barrel racing. Riding horses has become a stress reliever and a favorite pass time. It has become not only a sport, but a lifestyle. I began riding when I was only three years old. My mother bought me my very first pony and taught me how to ride. Ever since that day, and many, many horses later, I have been passionate about horses. I began going to local fun shows, where I would show in mainly pleasure classes. It gave me a great foundation of how to ride a horse correctly. I won many awards on my pleasure horse and really enjoyed doing it, but as I got older, I began to have a need for speed. With this being said, I started entering the speed classes. My…show more content…
I am currently riding a really nice barrel horse that my mother trained. He runs his heart out for me every weekend. I am so grateful to have him. In the past year, he has won me almost $4,000! We also raise colts, and we train a lot of them. Recently, I broke my very first colt that was given to me by a mom. It was a huge learning experience and extremely rewarding, but required a lot of patience, time, and responsibility. After I got this colt riding really nicely, I decided to sell him. He was only a two year old, so it would be awhile before I could really start him on the barrels hard because his joints hadn’t fully developed yet. I wanted to buy a mare that was ready to start on barrels and that I could breed to our stallion.I sold the colt within two days of posting the ad, and bought a mare soon after. My mare needed a ton of riding to be at the level my colt was at, but I finally have her at that level. I am now starting her on barrels, and I am so excited for her future. Riding horses my entire life has taught me so many things. I have learned responsibility, patience, putting another’s needs before my own, compassion, and
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