Barriers In Health And Social Care Essay

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Barriers in Health and Social Care:
The barriers in health and social care are physical barriers, psychological barriers, financial barriers, geographical barriers, cultural/language barriers and resource barriers.

Physical barrier
Physical barrier are objects that prevent an individual from getting to their destination. For example, a wheelchair user is unable to enter a building because there are steps so they can’t get through the entrance.
In this case, my client is three years old and is unable to physically attend the healthcare services alone, so she needs help to be taken to her local GP for check-ups. But sometimes her family is unable to take her to the services due to no transportation being available as well as the location being further away from home. This is a barrier for Ruth as it prevents her from receiving sufficient care which could affect Ruth’s wellbeing.
The GP minimises this barrier by having a system that ensures Ruth attends her check-ups and appointments. The GP allows my client’s mum to arrange times where they are able to visit GP at the time available, so Ruth’s mum can have plenty of time to get to the GP. The NHS also
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The NHS and their facilities and health professionals ensure that Ruth receives the physical care that is needed, which is crucial for her health and wellbeing. From the services of the NHS, I see that they are effective in providing Ruth’s needs and ensures that Ruth visits her GP regularly. Furthermore, the GP ensures that Ruth’s needs are met by ensuring there are no physical barriers that prevent Ruth from receiving care and make sure that she has her regular health checks so that her physical development and wellbeing is monitored and under control. The GP’s strength in minimising this barrier encourages Ruth’s positive development by allowing her and her family to be more aware of her condition and making sure her needs are
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