Lean Barriers In Healthcare

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5. Identification of barriers in implementation of lean in healthcare:
Higor Leite et.al. (2016) presents a classification model into seven organizational aspects as well as propositions related to patient’s behaviour and the public healthcare system. This paper aims to analyse and classify lean barriers and enablers into an organizational model. According to Womack and Jones (2003), lean application in healthcare focus on the patient and includes time and comfort as key performance measures of the system. Having multi skilled teams taking care of the patient and an active involvement of the patient in the process is emphasized. For instance, the customer would pay for the widget to be assembled and painted blue, but not for the overproduction
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A simple issue like meeting schedule is a potential barrier to an effective debate and continuous development of lean thinking throughout organizational structure. The involvement of professionals from each department is crucial due to their reality empowerment and specific knowledge about each department process flow, important contributors during a value stream map construction (Gabriela S. Spagnol et.al.…show more content…
Based on the extent literature review and discussions with experts (both from healthcare industry and academia) and citation by the various authors, such barriers were identified and used in questionnaire survey. In this paper, barriers which influence the implementation of lean in healthcare were included for analysis by ISM approach. Besides this, some barriers like lack of leadership team involvement, Managerial style, Lack of management support, Lack of support from government agencies, lack of sufficient training, lack of personal training, lack of education and training for employees, lack of top management and understanding, lack of commitment of top management, lack of top management involvement, lack of awareness of lean principles which are often cited with different names and headings are covered in this paper under a common barrier name like lack of training and education, lack of top management commitment and government support, lack of understanding of lean principles. These barriers are enlisted in Table 1 along with their

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