Barriers To Diversity In The Military

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Introduction In my previous workplace the use of Inclusive Level one approach was not only used, but it was something that was enforced and encouraged. The U.S. Army prides itself on not only being the best Army in the world, but it thrives on being the most diversified organization in the world. “In addition to actively recruiting members of diverse groups, the most common approach to diversity within work organizations is providing sensitivity training and workshops to employees” (Mor Barak, 2014, p. 243). The Army does a great job of recruiting diverse people by setting up its recruiting stations in every region of our country. Not only does it seek to select diverse people, once they have entered the military they go through a continued…show more content…
“In today’s “politically correct” environment, people may be embarrassed to show their ignorance about other culture, may not want to invest time and energy in learning about those cultures” (Mor Barak, 2014, p. 245). The Army has this type of attitude would be short live because of the training, as well as how each month they look to teach different cultures. This thought process would not be out of fear, but rather out of a person desiring to be separate. Another barrier that should not be any problem to implementing Inclusive Level I, “the main barriers have to do with managers’ and employees ' attitudes and behavior” (Mor Barak, 2014, p. 245). In the past the military had a culture of discrimination by not allowing all races to serve, and once they open the military to all ethnicities initially there were a limit on jobs a person can do. Now with the Military having moved all races, and even in some jobs removing gender restrictions. There has been a change in leader’s views when it comes to diversity in the workplace. Conclusion As we have seen throughout the years there has been a steady increase in workplace diversity in the military as a whole. We have seen the transition from an all-white force, to one that allow black pilots, and now that allow for women to serve in combat. Although there were tough times in the past with regards to making all these changes, but today we can see how making a workplace diversified has transformed the U.S. military into the strongest military in the
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